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Organizational clarity and execution isn’t rocket science.

It’s rocket fuel.

It allows you to go further than you’d imagined was possible.


Reassessing your strategy or effectiveness?  Pondering an organizational leap? Leadership in transition? You need a clear thinker who understands what’s at stake, knows the terrain and offers both inspiration and guidance.  You need someone like me.


I’ve been a volunteer, a coach, an executive, and a board member. I’ve consulted to schools and universities, healthcare providers, community centers, and more. Each facet of non-profit work has its own challenges. I've worked on most of them. That’s the expertise I use to distill imagination into innovation, opposition into optimism and confusion into clarity.  


My approach isn’t magic; it’s experience, intuition, and a dash of humor.  I enjoy bringing my expertise, and my team as needed, to mission-driven CEOs and Board members.

About Me

As the daughter of a lawyer and a teacher, my passion for understanding how systems work began early.

My collaborative approach guides your team to work better together, serve more people, and achieve their social mission in a more coordinated way.

I earned my BA cum laude at Wesleyan University and my MBA at Stanford University.


My Services

My forte is helping boards and CEOs in the non-profit sector make the most of their partnership. I often come in—as a consultant or a coach, sometimes as an interim executive – when organizations face major pivot points. Working together, we explore how the organization can evolve to reach its goals.


"Cynthia Ulman is one of the most professional, intelligent, informed, and creative thinkers I have had the honor to work with. "


     John Swartzberg, MD

                                             Chair, Board of Regents Governance Committee

Samuel Merritt University


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