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Cynthia Ulman


As a skilled facilitator, executive, board member and consultant, I always savor the thrill of the “lightbulb moment” when an organization becomes unstuck. 

Through my collaborative approach, your team sees how to work better together, serve more people, and achieve their social mission in a more coordinated way.

I “Cynthiacize” the situation, pulling together disparate threads, listening well, probing, and, importantly,  enabling colleagues to really hear each other.  This often enables organizations to discover answers they didn’t realize they already had.  


And even in the middle of a crisis, I like to keep it light.  Humor goes a long way when doing serious work. 


As the daughter of a lawyer and a teacher, my passion for understanding how systems work began early. I earned my BA cum laude at Wesleyan University and my MBA at Stanford University.

These days in my free time, you’ll find me hiking backcountry trails, sharing my homemade pies and preserves with family and friends, or planning my next travel adventure.


CMU Group 

When a project calls for additional expertise, I call on my network of trusted colleagues.

From finance and fundraising to HR and marketing/communications, we will provide the right resources at the right time. Together, we work with you to customize a plan and ensure seamless execution.  

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